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Drum - Holy Birds

Drum - Holy Birds

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Acrylic on leather, shamanic drum, 13', 2021


Holy Birds.
In so many cultures we have a persistent image of a bird-man. Maybe because our home is above. Among the Stars.

Bird-Women - is a reflection of a dream, the desire of the soul to fly.
People of all cultures of the world turn to the sky, as an image of freedom, lightness, something indescribably inspiringly beautiful, such that we all want to fly like birds.

1)The bird Alkonost, with a female appearance in the ancient Slavic paradise of Iria. The creature of fabulous beauty lays its eggs on the seabed, at the edge of the sea, and for seven days, until the chicks are born, according to legends, the weather is calm and calm.

2)Prophetic Gamayun-bird is a wise messenger of the Slavic gods and a harbinger of happiness. Gamayun knows about everything in the world, knows the secrets about the origin of the earth and the sky and is ready to tell about the future to everyone who knows how to understand the secret. In Slavic mythology, it was customary to turn to her for advice. According to popular beliefs, this miracle bird was born together with our world and its purpose is to remind people of the highest values ​​of life.
To listen to the bird Gamayun is already promises of happiness or good news.

3)Sva "here means" all "," universal "all-embracing".
Mother S (la) va. This is the Great patroness of the land, the progenitor of all the families that inhabited our land.
Sometimes she is considered the embodiment of the main female goddess of the Slavic pantheon Lada, sometimes she is revered as the wife of the supreme god Svarog - the blacksmith of the Universe. It is believed that Mother Sva can take the form of a Gamayun bird to convey to people some important truths and insights.
She appeared, according to legends, from golden eggs, which the Duck laid during the creation of the world.

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