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New painting for the 8 of March.

Acrylic and gold leaf on wooden panel, Diameter 23,5” 2022

The weal of time and eternity, hands that are all together, the spirit that sees us from all directions!
Feminine nurturing energies!
Feminine mother energies!
Here are all the chakras and aspects of life!
We are united and connected every time no matter how far we are from each other!
Breath of Love, Breath of harmony, Breath of Balance.
Ancient cultures know the answers, our ancestors know the answers.
Spirits and entities, goddesses and gods are here for us! They are helping us with our hands! Supporting, holding, caring, loving, leading us!
In these difficult times can we listen to our feelings but control our emotions? Follow our inner voice and listen to our hearts?
In the universe no mistakes!
Our soul chooses to be in this moment of humanity and it means that we are having all help we need to accomplish our school here, our mission on Earth!
Pacha Mama, Mamochka are so powerful and full of love to each of us and nothing matters more than this unity.
I am you, you are me!
I am Nature, Nature is me!
I am here and now!
I am where I need to be and when I need to be!

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