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The Ark of Life Journey

The Ark of Life Journey

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Acrylic, gold leaf, and markers on canvas 38×36″ (96×91 cm), 2016


On the totemic Wolf-Horse into the golden meadows and lands — hit the road - ocean! Ocean of life! 

This metaphor came from sikhism where according to the philosophy we are all drops from the ocean of love and care nd light, experiencing our lives on the stage of this reality and looking for how to get back to Home - Ocean of Love. Here you can see referencess to the biblical Noel ark as well and you can find even more arks in other stories and myths in different cultures. 

 A lifetime adventure, with the love ones, and all the peoplewe will meet in this journey. 

We are leaving  behind cities and countries, and days and nights are replacing each others. We are holding hands, protecting each other. 

Life is the most breathtaking adventure.


Symbols and mythology in visual representation, meta-modernism, figurative language, and metaphors.


This artwork is miraculous and prophetic as real Gamayuna should be! Gamayun is a prophetic sacred bird of Slavic people. 

I am the bird GamaYuna.

 I bring from the higher realms the knowledge of the primordial spirit that represents us all.

I faced my father who died when I was 11 in a fire, he came on canvas and I recognized him later. 

 I was surprised and thrilled to see him there giving me msg and guidance that I needed in that moment. And this painting prophetic because I draw or hiest source draw through me people that I met after I created this artwork. 

This is fascinating and makes me feel goosebumps.

This kind of thing start appearing much hmore often recently and I love to watch and feel these Magics. 



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