About the Artist

 I am the bird GamaYuna.

I bring from the higher realms the knowledge of the primordial spirit that represents us all.

The basis of my works is ancient art, mythology and traditions of different cultures and countries.  I convey the wisdom of past civilizations using symbols, where each is the universe that has survived a thousand years.

By bringing them together on canvas, I create a clear message from Eternity to all of us.

I appeal to a woman as a mother of life, her original purity, and wisdom; I sing of the feminine and its infinity in the Universe, the balance between the protective feminine and the action of masculine energy in the world.

I use canvas or wood, acrylic and gold leaf.  Gold is a symbol of opulent purity and offerings to higher powers and symbolizes your inner Goddess.

I draw my paintings with a gold or silver markers.  The lines from this are strong and eternal, since it can no longer be corrected.  Due to it's permanence I need to trust myself and my hand.

My art is my personal exploration of how to be a woman.  This is a public confession showing you how pure, alive and loved you are.

You are the Symbol.

You are the trail of your ancestors, connecting you with the Supreme Spirit of Unity.

With my art, I show you the path of your destiny and your strength.  This is a window into eternal life that belongs to you, and you are Infinity.

We are part of the Great Myth, myth is a key part of the eternal Symbol.

Spirits, gods and demigods enter our world through the door of the painting to guide us on our life path.

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