Water blessings rituals for goddess Agidel

About the goddess. 
Slavic Goddess Agidel, the granddaughter of God Svarog, is known in the north as the Goddess of Water. Our ancestors depended on reservoirs; in the north, fishing was one of the leading industries, so different types of water were endowed with various divine properties. Slavic mythology knows Watermen, Mermaids, even the sea king, the Goddess Dana, and the Gods of large rivers (for example, God Don). The goddess Agidel is, first of all, the mythological savior of the earth from drought, who discovered the world's waters, a girl who turned into the water of a river. Thus, the Goddess Agidel is not the goddess of a particular body of water but rather a manifestation of the divine properties of the water element that are merciful to man.
Explanation of the project:
We will create a gigantic wreath with flowers, branches, creepers, wire, and ropes. This wreath will be placed on the beach apposite of effigy field. 
The wreath designate and separate the sacred place from others and create the vortex, place of power.  
This represents the portal, the spiral of life, the unknowing mystery of life. The black hole where all of us can clean our inner selves. 
Before we go inside the sacred circle of the wreath I will sage peoples and asked them remove they shoes. This way, each participant, before throwing their sorrows, will clean their feets like when you go to the temple. Inside the wreath people one by one will pray and put all the sorrows into the small piece of bread with the intentions. I will pass the bread and guide people with prayers and cleaning from they inner sadness, sorrows.
After that all participants will drown their sorrows by throwing small piece of bread to the ocean as an offering to goddess Agidel stepping outside of the circle. 
After praying and throwing the bread participants will receive a candle representing an invitation and spiritual cleaning with a fire element after a water element. 
Near the wreath, musicians will play live music. 

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