Abstract Icons, that I painted right after my experience living in Kashmir with my Muslim spiritual family. I learned so much. This very old and amazing couture is so different from all that I know before about Muslim traditions. And with a big love for my spiritual family in Kashmir, I painted this series of work.

I wanted to unite people in these paintings. Unite them with respect to each other uniqueness and cultural differences and religions.

In the Orthodox Church where I was spending my all childhood a lot of icons and I adore this art. For me, icons are one of the most powerful art forms that existed on earth. So all icons represent stories from the Bible or Portraits of Jesus Christ, Mother Marry or holly people, angels, and all of them with beautiful faces but not in all religion's faces are appropriate especially in Islam. So as you remember I want to unite people together I created this series of paintings icons that don't have faces but same time have all the spiritual holly energy as a normal icon. This series can be used for many churches, temples, for any religion in any country.

Religion in my life has very large importance. I grow up in the Soviet Union and a very moment when this empire went to the end I was around 12 years old and same time I lost my father's Church become my home and my priest replaced my father. I was each weekend in Sunday school learning Bible, church old language and singing. I was a singer in the choir. We traveled a lot with a big family of kids from this school and our priest. Then I grow up and visited different countries and different temples and started learning different religions and I decided to not follow one particular religion but respect all and be with God that is inside me. My love for God beyond all religions on Earth.

Art Basel Pre-party: Reflection of The Mirror

Join us for an enchanting evening at GamaYuna Art Garage for “Reflection of the Mirror” – a one-day show featuring a live painting performance by the talented Gamayuna (Ekaterina Abramova) with mesmerizing mirror pieces.

📅 Date: 2nd of December
🕖 Time: 7 pm until late
📍 Location: Gamayuna Art Garage, 6947 NE 3rd Ave, Miami 33138

Dress code: reflective, sheer clothes, shining, silver, gold.

Special guests: Eli Light, Kaheal Head, Jam Guru, Classical Unleashed Orchestra 

Entree Tickets Here


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