In this distinctive workshop, you'll explore the artistry of symbols representing various cultures and countries, found in archetypes, architecture, and everyday objects that surround us. Discover the profound impact symbols have on our lives, often unnoticed. 

Witness the journey of symbols, starting as seeds or dots and evolving into intricate concepts like the Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge, and Tree of Remembrance. We'll embark on a cultural odyssey, traveling through time and exploring the foundational polarities of life in Masculine and Feminine symbols.

Delve into the distinctions between masculine and feminine symbols and the philosophies surrounding them. Following this exploration, we'll unleash our creativity, crafting drawings and paintings that reflect your perception of harmony and balance.

A symbol serves as a simple yet profound answer to complex philosophical questions. By the workshop's conclusion, you'll have created a unique symbol on paper or a paper fan. This symbol becomes a source for healing relationship traumas and a valuable tool for effective communication in your daily life.

Feel free to incorporate your symbol on your altar and during meditations for a personal touch and connection

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