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Portrait of Dream

Hello dear friend!

I am Ekaterina Abramova (my artist's name is Gamayuna). Professional international artist with 25 years of experience and a master of fine arts. Multiple solo and group exhibitions in New York, Miami, USA, Europe, Russia, and Asia.

Ekaterina will meet with the commissioner first hand (online or in person) to collaborate with their intentions, dreams, desires, and will help guide the client through a visionary quest of their Highest Self. I present my PORTRAIT OF DREAM project, in which I create paintings that enhance and accelerate the realization of your true dream, goal, or intention. For example, to meet and open up to love, start a family, have children, run a successful business, reach a new level, return and maintain good health, and so on.

Each Painting is personally created for the individual collector. 

I put your vision into the painting and select ancient sacred mythological symbols from different traditions that best meet your request.

This painting becomes your personal energy icon, a portal that connects you to your highest potential. It is, like a guiding star, reminds, directs, concentrates, and supports you on the path of life and heals mental and physical ailments.

Creating your PORTRAIT OF DREAM is a sacred process where we unite in a common field. At the first meeting (offline or online), we clarify what you want and how you see it. During creation, we stay in touch and communicate, and I send you photos and videos of the process, as well as some changes that can come along the way. So there is a correction and purification of your desire from everything alien, superfluous, and superficial. As a result, you connect even more deeply with your present self.

Upon completion, I send you a photo of the finished painting, recommend where and how best to position it for maximum effect, and send you your PORTRAIT OF DREAM with a certificate of authenticity.

How much is such a painting? This is a very individual question. Therefore, we jointly determine the price for the work, taking into account the necessary materials and my invested energy. Balance is essential in everything.

Also, a similar painting can be a wonderfully unique gift to your loved ones.

Numerous customer stories confirm that a dream must first be drawn in your imagination, then come to life on canvas and be expressed in visual language, and then materialize in reality.

For me, the most valuable thing is to feel that joy, love, and harmony come into your life. And I rejoice with you.

Let's paint your DREAM PORTRAIT!

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