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Collection "Reflection of the Mirror"

This captivating series explores the profound symbolism of mirrors across various cultures, delving into superstitions and rich mythologies. Mirrors are often considered more than mere reflections; they are seen as portals to different worlds and tools for self-reflection. Across cultures, diverse stories and myths intertwine with the concept of mirrors, presenting them as mystical doors that allow travelers to traverse between realms. The artwork invites viewers to immerse themselves in the interactive series, prompting deep contemplation on the mirror’s significance and encouraging a journey of self-discovery within the fluid and ever-changing realm of artworks. 
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Collection "Portals to Here and Now"

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The graphic artwork on paper, canvas with silver and gold ink, markers, pens, gold leaf, and pastels, My graphics are full of symbols and meanings, like paintings, and give you moments of reconnection with your highest self, your intuition, and heart's songs. 

Medicine Drums

Painted, adorned, and sanctified by Ekaterina Abramova 

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Artabramova Royal Art Hats

Every hat in this collection is handcrafted, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. Each hat is a canvas where imagination runs free, resulting in truly one-of-a-kind designs.
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Artabramova Fest Belts

Artabramova Fest Belt are handmade in India by a tailor Ekaterina met while living in India. Each individual belt takes 6-7 hours to create, no mass production each belt is hand sewn.

Indian philosophy says the best way to carry weight is with your hips,

7 pockets- 2 Hidden within the backside of belt, 5 outer zippers


Original Paintings

Original Paintings

Original Paintings by Artabramova 

Portrait Of Dream

Portrait Of Dream

Hello dear friend! I am Ekaterina Abramova (my artist's name is Gamayuna).... 

Ekaterina Abramova on Youtube