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Drum - Veles.

Drum - Veles.

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drum, acrylic on leather, 16", 2021

 Medicinal drum, rooted in Slavic mythology, has been used for centuries to heal and protect. Its rhythmic beats are said to awaken the spirits and transport the listener to another realm. If you seek a natural way to heal and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, the medicinal drum may be just what you need!


Tribute to the active masculine energy!
Acrylic on leather, 16”. 2021

This idea arose after leading fire rituals at the @fire_flies_forest Festival in Homestead, Florida.
I saw the mystery and felt everything strong as never before. We were in Nature with Pacha Mama and Father Sky.
Veles night.
God of the underworld, God of Nature, God of Horses, God of Connection with life in everything!
Representation of blessed by enthusiasm masculine power! Fire 🔥! Dance! Oneness!
This Drum is a Reminder of life celebration!

The connection between 3 worlds: Yav, Nav, and Prav!
The connection between times: present, past, and future!
Circle of Life!
The cycle of Life and Dead!
Everything is in a constant dance of transformation!
Dance for God!
Dance for yourself!
Dance for your ancestors!
Celebrate your heartbeat and your breathing!

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