Project Portrait of Dreams

Project Portrait of Dreams

“I dream of painting, and then I paint my dream.”

— Vincent Van Gogh

I devoted more than 6 years of my life to my unique project, Portrait of Your Highest Self. There were times, when I was so busy with this that I barely had time for anything else. And when you do something successfully for a long time, you become an expert in it. I created a lot of different paintings for different people. I learned a lot from my clients, which wasn’t always easy, but it was worth it. After that, I gave myself a 2-year break to rethink and reshape the project. And now I am ready to launch it again with the renewed concept and energy!

So — What is Portrait Of Dream?

All of us have dreams: a dream to have a new home, a person to share your life with, a business opportunity that would bring you to the next level of prosperity, etc. Dreams are to be fulfilled. Some years ago, I realized that to make my dream come true, I need to form a strong intention to support my dream. There are some techniques that suggest making collages of the things you dream of, like a collage painting. But I realized that those collages are not accurate, that they come out imbalanced and disproportionate. So I took up my brushes and painted a balanced and proportionate painting of My Dream, expressing my intention on canvas. And it worked! My dream came true in 6 months’ time. And then I understood that if I can make my dream come true, I can also do it for other people — help them realize their dreams by painting them on canvas.

The symbols I use in my paintings have enormous power of fulfillment. They all are drawn from, paraphrasing Nikola Tesla, the Intelligent Core of the Universe and contain its energy. I spent a lot of time studying world symbols and mythology, first in Russia, then in India, where the most ancient knowledge is still preserved.

And I continue my studies every day in any place I am traveling to. So now, I can capture the heart of your dream as never before.

How does it work?

If you have dreams, goals, intentions and you believe in energy, visualization, embodiment or any of these magical tools, then we will meet 1-1 either in person, or via Zoom, Phone call or email exchange, and will create your very own Portrait of Your Highest Self. First, we will discuss your vision, desires, dreams, asparations, and request, I will listen to you and ask some conscious, thought provoking, questions to better understand what it is exactly that you are looking forward to achieving and emboding. I will draw sketches, show them to you, and we will choose one that suits you the most; and after choosing the sketch, I will open up the channel that connects me to the Universe, and will give the Universe full freedom to paint your Dream through me. When the painting is finished, I will send it to you no matter where you are.

After that, you will put the painting somewhere on your wall where you will see it often and enjoy your relationship with your dreams manifested on canvas. Our mind is working only with past experiences and needs to be protected from the unknown, which lies beyond our comfort zone. And most of our dreams and intentions are usually located outside of our comfort zone. After sometime living with the paining, you will see how your mind relaxes and starts to have confidence in your Dream.

How much does it cost?

Yes, this question is very delicate and very important. As we are together and we are connected to create new beautiful journey, Journey to Yourself through your own Dream, and we understand that everything must be balanced, so we will discuss price according to our desires & needs. The effort to paint your Portrait of Dream and your effort to make money.

True Radical Honesty it is the most important thing in this project.

All dreams must be painted, So let's paint yours!

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