Workshop "Paint your dreams and intentions"

Join me in this unique and transformative workshop that I’ve crafted over the years. In our time together, we will embark on a creative journey, meditating, and freeing our minds from the fears and doubts surrounding painting. Together, we will create a new world on paper or canvas.

Unleash your inner artist and express what lies hidden within you. Through this process, we will connect with our inner reality and gain clarity on various aspects of life. I will guide you in interpreting your artwork, helping you understand it better. Along the way, I will also provide insights into the fundamentals of fine arts.

In this free-flow format, you’ll learn about the basics of composition, negative and positive space, and explore concepts like tone, spots, and forms.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or have never held a paintbrush before, this workshop is for everyone. You’ll be equally satisfied with the results—a beautiful painting with a powerful meaning.

We’ll work with professional acrylic paints on paper or canvas. To wrap up the workshop, we’ll engage in a discussion to summarize your creative journey and the profound results you’ve achieved.

Discover how art can work for you and impact your daily life. Most importantly, you will be the artist, creating a visual representation of your dreams and intentions.

To sign up and find out more, contact me today. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore your artistic side and bring your dreams to life.

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