Live Painting Performances

My Unique Vision

Hello, a dear guide to consciousness.  

I would love to share with you part of my mission as a visual artist and spiritual guide as well. My artist name is Gamayuna and real name is Ekaterina Abramova. I am visual art Alchemist. All my life I am professional visual artist who have been in art for more than 25 years.  


Several years ago classical art business stop satisfying my soul and mission purpose and I started collaborating with festivals. Festival field is giving me a lot more happiness and I am able to show on the stage the process of art creation that was usually hidden in the studio.  

Last three years I am working on the stages with different musicians as live painting performer. This is my driving force and this art discipline stretching my comfort zone so I have to remove my ego and channel from the highest source with absolute trust.  

During one of my daily meditation I downloaded from the same source this art offer that I will explain you here.  

From my heart to your heart.  

I am inviting you to consider have me at your retreat as an Artsit guest who will create artwork during the retreat that will be as a visual recording of the retreat itself and amazing memory for your clients. The same time I can incorporate to your course one or more of my workshops or lectures where visual art works as a tool for personal development.  

I teach:  


1)Workshop - “Paint Your Dreams and Intentions.” 

2)Workshop - ”Symbols Of The World.” 

3)Workshop - ”Two Primordial Energies: Masculine And Feminine in Symbols Around The World.” 

4)Workshop - ”7 Main Feminine Greek Goddesses Archetypes and their qualities within us”.  

5) Workshop - 7 Main Masculine Archetypes in Greek Mythology and their qualities within us”.  

6) Lectures about symbols of the world.  

7)Inspirational artist talks about being creative and following your mission no matter what.  

At my workshops people connecting to visual art and deeply with themselves. I can send you more details about each of them in a separate email. Let's imagine together how your clients will enjoy this unique addition.  

After art workshop people usually much better with communication and expressions themselves, ice brake to the utmost expression and ready for transformation. I teach already more then 15 years some of this workshops and saw hundreds people openings and braking complexes of beeing not talented enough to touch the brush as a tool of expression of what is deep inside.  

As I mentioned before during all days of the retreat I will paint one canvas and will finish, so at the end of this beautiful time together I will present the artwork and explain all the symbols that I will incorporate there   

I work with symbols and mythology of different cultures and countries, uniting them in unique way to deliver visual recording of the event.  

Then we can do live auction or silent auction and sell this painting immediately. Profit from the sale we will divide between you and me and maybe charitable course of your choice.

After the retreat we will have high quality image for merchandise and can use image for many other marketing or promotional materials for your school or other retreats.

During all the time together I am building strong relationship with people and very often will have a commissions that I will create after coming back from your retreat and will share with you %15 from any of them during 6 months of order.  

I see this collaboration unique, interesting, profitable and it can lead many additional ideas and creations together.  

My unique proposition is very unusual and will create a beautiful momentum of energy that guests will feel and enjoy.