Collection: Completed Commissions - Portrait Of Dream - Your Highest Self

Completed Commissions of Artabramova "Portrait Of Your Highest Self" 

Each Painting is personally created for the individual collector. 

Ekaterina will meet with the commissioner first hand (online or in person) to collaborate with their intentions, dreams, desires, and will help guide the client through a visionary quest of their Highest Self.

This is your personal icon/ painting to help you amplify your vision and embodiment of your Highest Self. 

Ekaterina paints you a specific painting to help you visualize your dreams and intentions in life. When you have your intentions in front of you, painted, they will align in our present reality and come into fruition much easier and effortlessly. Ekaterina incorporates ancient symbols and mythology from different countries, and cultures, to make your painting a living oricle that is charged with specific frequencies to activate the intended areas of your life. All dreams must be painted! "I dream of painting, and then I paint my dream." Vincent Van Gogh

Consultation and synergy calls, online and in-person. Once we are clear on your dream, commision deposit is collected, and then Ekaterina Abramova will start YOUR PAINTING  and ship it to the you once complete, price agreed upon discussion with the client. Commision Range ($700-$5000+)