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Medium: Acrylic and mirrors on cardboard, framed, 39x23.5” (100x60cm), 2024

This artwork depicts the energy and feeling of Amanati's musical creations. His melodies transport you to a realm of old times and imagination, filled with sensuality and a sense of delusion about what exists and what does not. Appearances and reality blend with the unreal and illusionary.

Paired with cabaret, Shibari art, dance performances, and candlelight curated by Kaheal, this experience was unforgettable.

The artwork I created holds this energy, capturing the moment in reality now manifested in physical form, destined to live a long life in someone's home.

The central figure in the work is the anonymous face of Amanati, wearing a mask. I constructed the face of the figure entirely with mirrors, illustrating how each of us can be present and feel the effects of the music.

Adorned with red roses, symbolizing both the blood from the thorns and the beauty of the flowers themselves.

With deer horns illuminated with fire and an open heart aflame with life, my artwork becomes a realm to traverse and experience.

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