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Balance and Joy of Life.

Balance and Joy of Life.

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Griffins create a protective space by loyally serving their owners.

Couple in love and balance pose In the dance of life.  He is dressed and protects her from behind like armor.  She is naked, open in trust to the world, she has protection - the power of the Earth, the power of light, the power of totem animals.

It supports the spiral of life in her, in the womb.  She unwinds herself and the universe in a stream of development and disclosure.  Goddess in a whirling dance.  He holds a nipple with his other hand, a symbol of feeding, a symbol of the milk of eternity.  Thanks to their joint energy, she is able to give birth to the milk of wisdom and eternity.

She stands on her toe, connecting earth and sky.  She is weightless, she is the joy of lightness.  He and she are on the same foot, creating balance, like a scale.  They are life partners.  They always have extra energy (a second pair of legs that are bent).  As the heart has a rhythm, so their dance has its own rhythm of rest and action.  The light of love surrounds them in a stream and, mixing with the energy of the couple, the light stream surrounds the earth.

Love and joy.

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