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Acrylic, gold leaf, and gold and silver ink on canvas

31 1/2 x 31 1/2" (80x80 cm), 2017

This painting is part of Art Miami series

Once upon a time, I found myself in Miami, visiting from New York during Art Basel Week. I was engrossed in my beachfront yoga practice when something caught my eye for the first time – those advertising helicopters soaring in the sky. They displayed upcoming events, casinos, parties, and brands, and I must admit, it took me by surprise.

To have the sky above the serene beach urging people to visit casinos was a bit unexpected for me. I’m not against the idea of choice, but it wasn’t something I had prepared for. Having lived in India for many years, I hold the belief that the sky is sacred. This belief inspired me to send a message of love using the symbolism of Garuda, the transportation vehicle of Vishnu, the Creator.

In a place where everything can be delivered right to your door, I decided to name this unique artwork “Delivery.” It’s my way of delivering love to your doorstep through the powerful imagery of Garuda.

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