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Acrylic on canvas, 35x42” (89x105cm), July, 2021.

He is charged with love and a strong sense of family, emphasizing respect and mutual support. Family can be bound by blood or by a shared mindset and life experiences. This spirit reminds us to be kind and generous to those around us. We serve as mirrors to each other, constantly learning from the school of life, primarily through the interactions and situations we co-create.

The Family Guardian Spirit is here to soothe us in times of emotional turmoil, open our hearts, connect us with nature and its natural rhythms, as well as link us with the eternal essence of life, self-respect, and love.

This spirit reveals itself and temporarily resides in our home, then moves on to fulfill its mission in another FAMILY where it continues its work on Earth. It’s here to ignite and invigorate our love energy, aiding us through the shifts on Earth.

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