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Flame of Rhythm

Flame of Rhythm

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Acrylic, mirrors, and gold leaf on canvas, 23,5x18” (60x45,5cm 

This painting captures the essence of a drummer, a musician, whose rhythm syncs with our hearts. The more powerful the percussionist, the deeper this rhythm intertwines with our body, subconscious, and consciousness, igniting the flame of life within us.

In the artwork, mirrors and a central figure with a blank face invite viewers to see themselves. Each of us embodies a triad of understanding the world—our body, intuition, and mind. These three elements are united in the flame of rhythm, enhanced by the purity of golden perception.

The painting also melds red, symbolizing masculinity, and blue, representing femininity. This union of colors embodies the creation of life and the pulsation of life's rhythm.

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