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Love Of Life.

Love Of Life.

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Symbols and their meanings.

We start looking at the symbols from the center and go in a circle from our side to the right (a reference point is a spiral with different tips)

The central symbol of the bird is an ancient symbol of wisdom, the bird is always a symbol of news from outside.  Information.

Further, the spiral symbol is a symbol of energy.  Like a spring, it stores energy.  The third symbol in a circle to the right will be - the power of love.

Fourth - (intelligence) intelligence.

Fifth is the universe.

Sixth - transformation (it looks like a starfish and petals / rays around)

Seventh - Love.

Eighth - Hope.

Eighth - friendship.

The ninth is the strength of a woman.  female power.

The tenth is freedom and emancipation.  Independence.

Inside the circle: tree of life with fruits.

The snake is a symbol of wisdom and the flow of energy.

Eye of God, Seeing eye.

Two faces, he and she, and each has a symbol of their life mission.

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