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Acrylic and golden leaf on canvas.
20” (50cm), October 2022.
New painting, new spirit.
I started this art work at the moment of unity with genius musicians at Eli Light @elilight9
It was the right atmosphere for the MAKOSH to come!
She came on time; women in power - power of wisdom!
Mokosh - Destiny.
“We praise you mother of mothers.
We praise you mother of life and intuition. We praise you goddess of fate.
Weave our destiny to the glory of the ancestors.”
In Slavic people MAKOSH is
wise, experienced woman/goddess, who everyone called the Mother.

Together with her younger sisters, the Goddess Makosh cut and reshaped human destinies, distributing happiness and misfortune.
While Makosh is weaving the canvas of the world, her sisters Dolya and Nedolya selectively touch some threads, thereby determining a person’s fate or some of their life stages.

The four sharp corners of the Makosh symbol represent the Body, Soul, Spirit and Conscience.

Makosh - earth, bottom, and Svarog - sky, top.
This is how they support the whole world.

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