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You Are The Creator Of Your Reality

You Are The Creator Of Your Reality

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Acrylic and gold leaf, silver ink on canvas, diameter 36” (91cm), 2021.

Like a soul that has chosen to be in the feminine body in this life, I channel the feminine representation of the world's creation.

My dear goddess, sisters, mothers, daughters, all of us creating the world from our belly.

I am the center of my universe!

It's the best place for me.

From me, the threads are spreading and opening doors and windows to the worlds I want, and all dreams come true.

I am like you, we are connected with our roots and they grounded us and give us the wisdom of ancestors.

My hair is my antennas and connecting me with the highest power and Akashi Records - knowledge of the world.

My guides, spirits, and angels are around me all the time and represent my inner team.

I choose abundance, power within, health, and freedom!

I am happy to be responsible for every day of my life, every experience I am creating. This is real freedom.

I am eternity, I am who giving and receiving!

My world is my creation and I am always protected and safe each minute of my life!

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