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Balance of Life.

Balance of Life.

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Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas. 24x18” (60x46cm).

Symbols - from top to bottom:

2 snakes: the one that’s blue is the Moon, and red one is the Sun. Under the Sun is Leo — a symbol of power.  Then you see a face of the spirit who is absorbing bad energy. and under the Moon there’s an ancient symbol of the Woman-Bird, the symbol of feminine transformation, then under it — there’s Wheel of life.

5 Primordial symbols of 5 elements: the green is Earth, the yellow is Air, the center is Space, the blue is Water, and the red is Fire.

Background in the center of the painting is green - the symbol of love.  The yellow figure is the spirit, Primordial masculine energy, the power of will and protection.  Then there’s a main hero of the painting holding Earth and Fire.  In front of the main figure is a jar filled with gold, the symbol of prosperity. And on the blue background — on one side is Woman on the horse and on the other — the symbol of path to family life.  The other side has the same meanings: Man on a horse and Cock in front of him.

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