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 Acrylic, gold leaf, and gold and silver ink on canvas, Diameter 36” (91cm). 2021

Goddess of eternal femininity, she is free to deliver and she is free to create! She has never been created, she is a creation, she will never be ended – she is eternity. She is surrounded by gold – a symbol of purity and the highest level of energy. She is an alchemist in each moment of her internal existence!

Femininity is eternal. Its never started and never ended circle! The energy of the cycle, the cycle of energy, water, life, love, ocean, earth, and all other elements are dancing with it. The hair here is representing the flow of information and connection with the whole being and everything that exists. She is always an active element even she is in her inner world. She is always a giver of new life, new ideas, and new inventions. Primordial Femininity.

One of the first big painting I finished after moving to Miami. This painting was breathing in my head and pushing me to help it to come true for some time. I can say that all paintings are very selfish. They need you when they are not finished but the moment you are done they don’t know you! And it’s ok. Continuity of creations.

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