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Acrylic on canvas, 35x29 (90x75 cm), 2016


In this painting, we encounter three generations of women and their Goddess-Protectress. The Goddess of the Origin, who nurtures these women spiritually and shields them from destructive energies, takes center stage.


The nurturing mother breastfeeds her daughter, while the elder mother has rooted herself deep within the Earth, feeding the others with the planet's energy. She embodies the color green, symbolizing the heart chakra and love. The spiritual Protectress, in violet and deep blue, represents the spirit and higher chakras. She purifies with her eternal waters, washing away the old and decayed to make way for the new generation. She envelops the three women, forming an egg, symbolizing Eternity and Life.


The Goddess's hair embodies both Day and Night, offering perpetual protection. The background is adorned with numerous fish, symbolizing a Teacher and Wisdom. The Earth is depicted in red, symbolizing the root chakra and our connection to the material world. This Earth is composed of countless faces, individuals who have enriched the soil with their lives and good deeds, creating a fertile ground for growth.

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