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Glory Goddess-Queen of Life - Jiva.

Glory Goddess-Queen of Life - Jiva.

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Acrylic on canvas, diameter 20” ( 50cm), 2022

This painting, much like many of my works, is replete with symbols and mythology. I interconnect symbols and myths from various countries and cultures to unite people in the appreciation of each cultural heritage. In this artwork, I incorporate several elements:

Starting from the bottom, the roots symbolize grounding and the wisdom of our ancestors.

The Holy Grail and all sacred vessels, irrespective of religion, represent the power of femininity, fertility, accumulation, and gestation, radiating fullness and purity. Gold symbolizes purity and connection with the divine.

The Tree of Life acts as a bridge between the earthly and heavenly realms, serving as ancestral support.

The Yarovik symbol at the center of the bowl signifies purification, protection, and the omnipresent power of the God of Kindness, Yarila, the sun god.

Yarila, the god of the sun, embodies rebirth and multiplication, believed to be present everywhere, bestowing welfare and guiding paths in various aspects of life.

Four breasts symbolize prosperity and the nurturing heavenly milk that sustains the Tree of Life.

The necklace signifies distinction and chosenness.

The four hands represent blessings and the strength of the spiritual family, ever ready to assist. They hold the elements: water, earth, fire, and air.

The flowing hair resembles a river, offering everything one needs.

Fiery wings exude the power of the sun, providing warmth and purification.

The crown represents supreme power, victory, honor, dignity, merit, and endless continuity.

This painting exudes strength, clarity, wisdom, assistance, and love, elements that are essential for our journey on this new Earth.






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