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Glory Goddess-Queen of Life - Jiva.

Glory Goddess-Queen of Life - Jiva.

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Acrylic on canvas, diameter 20” ( 50cm), 2022

This painting, like many other of my works, is full of symbols and mythology.

I connect symbols and myths from different countries and cultures to bring people together concerning the power of each cultural heritage.

In this work, I use:

the Slavic amulet - Yarovik; symbols of the main natural elements; the tree of life; the symbol of the Grail; and others.


Let's go from bottom to top.

Roots are a symbol of grounding and the power of the wisdom of the ancestors.

The Holy Grail and all sacred bowls, regardless of religion, are a symbol of female power, the power of fertility, accumulation and gestation, storage.  Fullness and purity.  Gold is a symbol of purity and connection with the upper world.

The Tree of Life is the help of ancestors, the unification of two worlds - earthly and heavenly.

The Yarovik symbol in the center of the bowl reflects the cleansing, guarding and all-pervading power of the God of the Kind.

Yarila, god of the sun.  It was believed that in the whole world there is no corner or place where Yarila would not have been, and where he would not have applied his miraculous power of rebirth and multiplication.

Yarila - Symbol to:

Protect the home, and property, and increase the welfare of the family.

To develop and move up the career ladder.

For marriage, procreation.

To determine the right solution, development path.

To get rid of melancholy, blues, and depression.


4 breasts: a symbol of prosperity, eternal life-giving moisture - heavenly milk that feeds the Tree of Life.

The necklace is a sign of distinction, chosenness.

4 hands - a blessing, a symbol of the strength of the spiritual and inner family, which is always ready to help.  The power of gods and goddesses.

The hands hold the elements: water, earth, fire, and air.

Hair is a river, washing and giving everything you need.

Fiery Wings - the power of the sun, warming, and cleansing.

Crown - The symbol of supreme power. It also means victory, honor, dignity, merit, the highest achievements, completeness, the circle of times, continuity, and endless duration.

This painting is full of strength, clarity and wisdom, help, and love, which is now so necessary for each of us to move to a new Earth.



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