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The painting with the energy of healing, both of the body and of mental pain.  It soothes and transmits a gentle coolness of soft light.

Symbols from top to bottom:

The sunflower here is a symbol of the Sun and a connection with the spiritual sources of life.  Further, the freshness of waterfalls, ablution, purification.  The halo above the head of our heroine is a daisy, which here is a symbol of joy and carefreeness.

Gold is a symbol of spiritual life and prosperity.  The hands of the goddess are: the one on the heart in a mudra, meaning energy conservation, and the other holds a shell with a precious healing elixir.  This hand is at the level of the fold, and it harmonizes the female nature and health.  The goddess sits on a golden sphere and the ocean of God, turning into a lotus.  In front of her is a vessel with incense and the fire of life.

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