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Infinite Observers

Infinite Observers

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Acrylic and golden leaf on canvas

50x73cm, 20”x 29”, 2022

What is this? Who is looking at you all the time?

Is it single observer or several of them?

Is he/she always with you or just sometimes?

Do you allow your observers to give you advice, or are they waiting patiently and keeping silent?

All these questions are essential and need to be replied to.

We often find ourselves in the loop 🔁 doing the same stupid things and repeating them. Our infinite inner observers are here for us to help us get out of the loop or let something go.

This inner work you do not alone; you have your guide, and you have your internal help available always.

Your infinite observer is always working for you and never against you. So why not build a good relationship with this sacred help?

When we use the energy and knowledge of our guides, we are much more protected and wisely walking on our destiny.

It can save years of your life and move you toward your dreams of being healthier and happier.



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