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Acrylic on canvas, 21x29” (55x75 cm), 2015

This artwork portrays the development of artificial intelligence. Information flows from the boundless divine intelligence above through a delicate channel, transforming into digits within human bodies. It then descends, enhancing machine capabilities and confining individuals within closed, square prisons. This perpetuates a cycle: the more we receive pure divine energy, the more we feed it to the machine. The machine grows in power, occupying all available space.

Instead of living a full earthly experience, we become spectators of a digital world within these empty squares, exiled from living spaces into the realm of the mechanical mind. Two forms of unity emerge: the higher unity of a harmonious being and the lower, a distorted imitation where we are enslaved by the machine. We become the servants of this mechanical existence. Four heads, four squares, snug cubes replacing human beings, fitting into any cell.

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