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Kali Mata

Kali Mata

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Kali Mata

Acrylic and golden leaf on canvas.
20” (50cm), October 2022.

This painting I channeled this at the wild women workshop by @sandratru_ at @tantrastudios_miami.
We all created the vortex of vital and witchy energy, and Kali came onto my canvas.
Kali Mata: the Divine Mother, appears fearsome.
Kali Ma Goddess!
The Divine Mother!
the Dark Mother!
Goddess of time, creation, preservation, and destruction.
She is the strong and powerful, and most compassionate goddess of all.
Her name means “force of time”.
She existed before the universe was created and will continue to exist after the universe ends.
Limitations of the physical world such as colour, light, good and bad do not apply to Kali. She is a symbol of Mother Nature herself – primordial, creative, nurturing and devouring in turn, but ultimately loving and benevolent.

Kali destroys ignorance, maintains world order, blesses and liberates those who seek to know God.

Naked MahaKali says that she is not only beyond the social rules and accepted norms, but also that she completely goes beyond names and forms, she surpasses not only the influence of the gunas and time, but is also free from the illusion of Maya, with which this world is entangled.

A bright red tongue protruding from the mouth symbolizes the guna of rajas (passion).

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