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Mushroom Goddess

Mushroom Goddess

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Acrylic on canvas 36x36”, 2021

This painting was created during the inaugural Mushroom Fest in Miami, marking its debut in the USA. As I painted on the canvas, I had an audience that observed the mesmerizing creative process. Among the onlookers, one man, with an aura of curiosity, quietly observed my work. After some time, he approached me and asked if my goddess required real mushrooms in her hands.

With a smile, I agreed, and he graciously presented me with two substantial mushrooms, which we then affixed to the goddess’s hands. Surprisingly, those mushrooms remain in her grasp to this day, as festivalgoers have come to respect her power and her unique attributes.

This ancient goddess has graced our world during a pivotal moment of transformation. She brings with her the wisdom of nature and a connection between realms. She nurtures her children, the mushrooms, to impart their teachings: awakening our inner child and celebrating life. This artwork invites us to be present in the here and now.

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