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Primodial Tree

Primodial Tree

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Acrylic, gold leaf, and markers on canvas. 2017

“You are the soul, the universe, and what animates the universe.” - Rumi

This artwork signifies the culmination of an artist’s unwavering dedication and commitment. It is a creation that demanded an abundance of time and meticulous attention to detail. Embellished with opulent gold leaf and adorned with symbols sourced from across the globe, it carries a profound and universal message.

Within this masterpiece, I’ve woven together diverse people and cultures, all finding unity beneath the embrace of this majestic tree. This tree, with its feminine essence, resonates with the image of the Holy Mother of life. It serves as a visual symphony, celebrating our collective humanity, our interwoven destinies, and the timeless wisdom that transcends the confines of geography and culture.


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