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Acrylic and golden leaf on canvas. 24x29,5” (61x75cm)


Symbols from top to bottom:


The Sun and the Moon at the corners of the painting are symbols of Time and major planets.  Also, the time of the day and night that follow each other resulting in the Time of Life.

Further — large figures of a bird and a fish.

The Bird is symbol of external news, information from outside.

The Fish is a symbol of teachers, the early Christians depicted Christ as a fish. It’s also a symbol of wisdom and knowledge from within.

Next, there’s a figure behind the main hero of the painting, which is a symbol of spirit, help, support, and a spiritual protection, the earthly man representing masculine energy.

The hero of the painting is depicted in the image of a goddess with many hands, in each hand there is a vessel with a flow of abundance.  And the goddess pours it on herself and everything around her.

She is sitting in a lotus, a symbol of spiritual growth and beauty.  At the very bottom is the golden earth, the golden basis of life, — the foundation of life accomplishments.                

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