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Sacred Center

Sacred Center

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Acrylic on plywood, diameter 28” (71cm) 2021

This artwork, created using acrylic and ink on plywood, boasts a diameter of 28 inches (71cm). It was brought to life during a live painting session with Ali Kartasula at the Tribal Galaxy in Wynwood, Miami, in September 2021.

 “One Heart, One Sound,” the central concept and composition were developed during the event. Following the live session, I continued to refine the piece at home over several days, drawing inspiration from numerous lectures about Native Americans.

At the heart of the painting is a symbol representing the sacred center of the earth, the essence of our existence. A feminine figure takes center stage, engaged in song and drumming. Her voice and the beat of her drum become conduits for the spirits, carrying their essence to the fertile darkness from which all of us originated.

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