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Spanish Moss Or Avatar of Zen.

Spanish Moss Or Avatar of Zen.

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Spanish Moss Or Avatar of Zen.
Acrylic on wooden panel,
Diameter 31,5” (80cm), 2022
After a long time when I started this artwork, I finally came to its complete existence.
November 2021 at the @zenawakeningfestivalofficial,
I prepared this wooden panel and was working on capturing the beauty of the trees full of Spanish Moss on them at the festival’s property. At night when different colors of lights were on, I got to the idea of painting. With these lights spotted up the trees, the whole place became an Avatar full of miracles and mystery.
Of course, it went to my mind and became my inspiration for live painting at the time of the festival.
It was not an easy experience, the festival ground was completely wet and we were dancing in the mud and bitten by ants because their houses were disclosed due to a storm.
I saw all of us as a part of these Trees People and all of us as creatures that are living on the trees and became one with the trees. We breathe with the trees as they are one body with us and unite us with the same frequencies, the same life code. We are part of the same system and they are our lungs and our antennas connecting us with the underground world and the highest realms. They are our closest friends who love us no matter what.
In all cultures, we can find sacred trees, The Tree Of Life, The Tree Of Remembrance, the Kalpavriksha Tree - The tree that fulfills all your dreams and intentions, The Tree Of Wisdom, and much more.
So trees were with us for thousands and thousands of years and always give us support and wise advice.

The Festival was an Unforgettable, powerful, and amazing experience that inspires me to conceive this baby/painting.
When we came back home I couldn't continue, I don't know why and I am not questioning myself, I trust the process and timing when the “baby” is ready to come out.
Then recently I took the wood panel in my hands and felt the call to fully get into it.
So this is the time!
If I count from November 2021 until now it will be 9 months. So the “baby” is on time 😅🎉🎨!
I feel like a happy mama, happy artist- mama 🤪🌟.
The baby is ready for the world and looking for its permanent home.

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