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Spiral Goddess

Spiral Goddess

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The Spiral Goddess represents our internal feminine power.  It is quite common to find statues or pendants of a goddess shape, with a spiral in her belly.

This spiral represents the creative power within, that rises from our sacral chakra, the chakra that corresponds to our menstrual cycle, our desires, our sexuality, and relationships.


She is standing on the lotus which is represented spirituality and inner progress and the moon which represents the connection of the woman and the nature.

Inside the moon, you see squares,  here they are representing the sunflower center - big family, community.

Below is the earth - gold, representing the richness of life and stability.

Near the lotus is two profiles of two people, man, and woman - you and your partner. And near these faces is your number 11 11.

On top of the Spiral goddess symbol of family, unity, love. Maori symbol.

Behind the Spiral goddess is the sun. Representing masculine energy, life and power of human.

Dragon is a symbol of - In the Orient, it symbolizes supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge.

On top of the head of the dragon is symbol of self realization.

Symbol in the mouth of dragon is symbol of energy.

A symbol that touching the Earth is a symbol of self-actualization.

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