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Acrylic and gold leaf on wooden panel, diameter 24” (61cm), 2022

New artwork from the series Portrait Of Your Highest Self (known as Portrait of Dream).

This painting is a commission for my good friend Julia.

She is very special and has such a personality that lights up everything and everyone around her. So when she asked me to paint her this individual painting/icon I was happy as an artist and as a friend.

Here you see many symbols and all small details are important,  Julia knows why this or why that. Some things are personal and some I can share with you.

So; she is holding golden fans in her hands - these are the magic tools that she loves to dance with and I immediately capture that royal poster of her.

Then you see her clothes as queen which is exactly how I see Julia in my eyes.

Behind her sacred tree is full of berries that are ready to be harvested. 5 Symbolic hands on top of her head represent:

Fire or love

Fire of creativity

Fire of inner life

Fire of inspiration

Fire of passion.

Let me know what else you see and which other symbols I used here?

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