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Under The Goddess Sky

Under The Goddess Sky

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New Painting - New Spirit - New Story

Acrylic and gold leaf on wooden panel, Diameter 23,5” 2022
I started this painting at the event in @haloartsmiami at @madonna_universe dance.
Altay Symbols inspired me to create this artwork.
And I was working on it when the world changed with the situation in my countries.
This painting was my inner therapy and it gave me a lot of inner strength and stability.
Under the sky of the Goddes!
Yes! Look at all the emotions, winds, turbulence that all of us experience now. In each individual on Earth a lot of pressure and questions.
It is not easy. But who said that in the school of life will be easy? And we all choose to be in this moment of humanity alive it means that we are ready to learn and do our best to pass the exam and grow.
So we have been for many thousands of years in a patriarchal society and matriarchal as a well long time ago and now it's the time to balance them.
Masculine and Feminine principles - in harmony and balance. This is what I believe can change the world.
Under the sky of the goddess, maternal energy and being in balance with masculinity we are creating a world of love.
All confusions, aggressions, destructive emotions are harmoniously leaving us and giving space for creativity and unity With respect and love.
Blessing to all of us from the Mother Of Creations!
Stay blessed, loved, and grateful!

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