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We Are One

Live painting performance with DJ Swarup, on the Dance Temple stage at Boom Festival, Portugal, July, 2023

Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, 35x46”(89x117cm).


   This artwork I created on the main stage at Boom Festival with DJ Swarup, in Brazil. 

As the music started & ended so did I. 

 Swarup started his set with music that had voice stating - “No War! Only Peace and Love”

Immediately I started with the well known t”symbol of Peace and continued with the idea that all of us United is the team of Boom this year.

    We are all one - this is the title of the Artwork. 

Wide Open arms - is symbol of trust and openness to what is coming, receive with an open heart. 

Together we are strong and influential!  

In this performance first time I was fully connected with the audience, when Swarup started his composition named Shiva, I came to him and put 3 white lines on his forehead and people start screaming and having such a beautiful reaction that transformed energy to an even  higher level. Then I noticed how the audience started coming closer to receive the same lines on the foreheads from me. That was epic and unforgettable moment.



This painting was created with greater energy levels, and channeled, recorded  music and the atmosphere around. This is Physical representation of the experience we went through together! 

It’s a collective work in some way! I wouldn’t be able to create it without all of you dancing and enjoying Swarup’s music and rhythms of the moment. 

This is the recording of 



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