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Wind Of The Music

Wind Of The Music

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Acrylic on canvas and gold ink.
20” diameter (50cm), 2022




This painting emerged during a music meditation with @murrayhidary and @mindtravelmusic at Miami Beach. As I mentioned in my previous post about this event, it was a profoundly transformative experience for me.

The music led me on a journey to explore the pages of my life book 📖, offering insights into my own patterns and inner self. During this meditation, I unearthed aspects of myself that needed to be left behind, making this process of self-discovery vital.

The artwork you see here is a visual representation of the @mindtravelmusic experience. It’s available for purchase 💵, and I’m excited to find it a permanent home. I’m curious, what do you see in this painting, and what are your thoughts on this piece of art?

Yours truly,
GamaYuna (my stage name from now on)”

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