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Workshop-Paint Your Dreams & Intentions

Workshop-Paint Your Dreams & Intentions

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This workshop will be hosted in person at my new Art Garage!

Gamayuna Art Garage

In this unique workshop, which I created years ago, we will meditate together, relax our minds from our fear and doubts about painting, and then we will create a new world on paper or canvas. 
We will paint or draw what is inside us and hidden from us. We will connect with our inner reality and get clarity on numerous life’s aspects. I will help you to read your painting and understand it better, and at the same time, I will explain to you the basics of fine arts. 
In this free-flow format, you will learn the basics of composition, negative and positive space, and concepts of tone, spots, and forms.

In my workshop, you will see how art can work for you and help you daily. And the most important thing is that you will do it yourself!
My unique art workshop will help you visualize your dreams and help them come true.
For everyone - from professional artists to those who never held brushes before - the result will be equally satisfying - a beautiful painting with a powerful meaning.
We will work with professional acrylic paints on paper or canvas.
We conclude the workshop with a discussion summarizing your process and result, which is always very interesting and profound.

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