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Workshop Symbols Of The World

Workshop Symbols Of The World

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In this unique workshop, you will see the symbols of the world in art, symbols of different cultures and countries, In archetypes, architecture, all the daily things that are always around us, and much more.

I will explain how symbols work in our lives and how we use them and don't know about them.

In this workshop, you will see how symbols start from the dots - seeds and grow as a tree; Tree of Life, Tree of Knowledge, Tree of Remembrance, and much more.

We will travel from time to time—culture to culture.

You will see polarities as a basis of life in Masculine and Feminine primordial symbols.

I will explain the differences between masculine and feminine symbols and philosophies about them. 

Then we will create our drawings and paintings using symbols and combinations, how you feel and understand harmony and balance. 

The symbol itself is a simple explanation of a complicated philosophical question. 

So at the end of the workshop, you will have your unique symbol painted on paper or a paper fan.

This symbol is your source of healing the relationship's traumas and a great help in daily communications in life.

This symbol you can use on your altar and meditations.

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